Overall Winner

Cameron Semmens (ed.), The Zoo in You


Section Winners

Non-Fiction: Cameron Semmens (ed.), The Zoo in You

Children’s: Shan Joseph, The Easter Story

Poetry: Andrew Lansdown, Allsorts

Reviewer’s Choice: Henry McElligott, The Broken Restored

Bookseller’s Choice: Rose Dee, Back to Resolution

Unpublished manuscript: Susan Timpani, Song of the Outback


Short-listed Entries



Cameron Semmens (ed.), The Zoo in You

Henry McElligott, The Broken Restored

Paul Barnett, Paul: A Pastor’s Heart



Amanda Deed, Ellenvale Gold

Andrea Grigg, A Simple Mistake

Graham Carter, Against the Unknown

Jennifer Ann, Broken Pottery



Paul Clark, What Would Jesus Drive?

Rosie Boom, Where the Crickets Sing

Shan Joseph, The Easter Story



Andrew Lansdown, Allsorts

Cameron Semmens (ed.), The Zoo in You

Janette Fernando, Horizons


Unpublished manuscript

Susan Timpani, Song of the Outback

Anusha Atukorala, A Frog By Any Other Name

Lisa Limbrick, Tom’s Adventure

Cheryl Urek, Ali Gem

Elizabeth Klein, Greenheart of the Forest

Claudia Bouma, Free at Last

Peter Smith, Return to Vinegar Hill