Gail Berryman

In a fencing club, God spoke to Gail M Berryman to consider keeping herself free of Sunday sport, particularly fencing. The club wanted her in competitions on the days she normally taught Sunday school.

Would she put her name down?

Then God spoke to her through His words in Isaiah 58:13,14NIV ‘If you keep your feet from breaking the Sabbath and from doing as you please on my holy day…’ etc.

Gail knew He was speaking to her; therefore she refrained from Sunday competitions. She would not therefore fence in the State Fencing Team. That decision led to people asking about the true meaning of ‘the Sabbath day’ and how to know what God is saying about that day in His Word. However, her learning had only begun, because the subject had never been a problem to her and her knowledge would expand with the years yet ahead.

Working around the world for four decades in PNG and Papua, Europe, British Isles, Greece, Cyprus, Middle East and the Americas, her extensive travel has deepened the Word of God for Gail. She is preparing her work in the anticipated book to be named: God’s Eternal Calendar of Time.