Ruth Bonetti

Ruth Bonetti has been published by a large publishing house (Oxford University Press published Enjoy Playing the Clarinet with its accompanying piano book) and a smaller Australian niche publisher (Albatross Books) and a music publisher. She was Editorial Consultant for the Australian Music Examinations Board Clarinet Syllabus grade books commissioned by Allans Publishing.

Ruth approaches music performance, practice and preparation from over thirty years as a professional musician, teacher and speaker. Her four practice and performance guides, released through her publishing company, Words and Music have all been recently updated.

Ruth’s music and speaking career has taken her around Australia, Europe and the USA. She now travels extensively presenting workshops for schools, universities and businesses, developing confident presentation for those who perform via words or music. She founded Omega Writers in 1994.

She published four books through her own imprint, Words and Music, inlcuding:

  • Confident Music Performance
  • Practice is a Dirty Word – and its accompanying journal
  • Don’t Freak Out – Speak Out; Public speaking with confidence