Overall Winner

Edward Surrey, The Cross


Section Winners

Non-FictionEdward Surrey, The Cross

Fiction: Nick Hawkes, The Celtic Stone

Poetry: Cameron Semmens, The Poetry of Home

Children’s: Debra Tidball, When I See Grandma

Biography (Joint Winners):

Herb Meinel, Nothing Can Make Them Stumble

David M Bennett, From Ashes to Glory

Devotional: Lyn & David Wake,Heartbreakingly Beautiful

Reviewers’ Choice: Megan Best, A Life Already Started

Booksellers’ Choice: Carol Preston, Suzannah’s Gold


1st: Peter Wells, Kingdom of the Air

2nd: Rita Galieh, Miss Kate’s Great Expectations


Short-listed Entries


Edward Surrey for The Cross

Greg Clark for The Great Bible Swindle

Megan Best for A Life Already Started

Nick Hawkes for The Bible on the Key Issues of Life

Andrew Reid for Exodus: Saved for Service



Nick Hawkes for The Celtic Stone

Paula Vince for Imogen’s Chance

Jo-Anne Berthelsen for The Inheritance

Carol Preston for Suzannah’s Gold

Lynne Stringer for The Heir



Cameron Semmens for The Poetry of Home

Valerie Volk for Passion Play

Janette Fernando for Exploring the Depths

Kathryn Hamann for Where Shadows Go



Debra Tidball for When I See Grandma

Skye Parry-Jones for Bitsy the Bossy Bilby

Kayleen West for Without Me?

Rosie Boom for Where the River Rises



Herb Meinel for Nothing Can Make Them Stumble

David M Bennett for From Ashes to Glory

Roy Williams for In God They Trust?



Lyn & David Wake for Heartbreakingly Beautiful

Ray Hawkins for Dynamic Aging



Peter Wells for Kingdom of the Air

Rita Stella Galieh for Miss Kate’s Great Expectations

Cate McKeown for Damaging Exchanges


Lyn Hurry for Random Ambitions of Alexander Geddes

Hannah Currie for Courting Chrysanthemum