‘The Hub’ is a meeting place for conference delegates to connect with publishers and editors. It’s your opportunity to receive tailored feedback on a manuscript or work in progress, or to pitch your manuscript to a publisher. Appointments with publishers/editors will be by pre-booked appointment. Browse the extensive list of publishers and editors below.

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Cecily Paterson

  • How many appointments: 8 (happy to do more if there is a high demand)
  • How much they will be charging: $50 per 30 mins

Cecily Paterson has been in communications and media for 25 years and now works as a freelance editor, writer and ghostwriter, as well as being an author in her own right. She has had two non-fiction books shortlisted in the Australian Christian Book of the Year Award, with her memoir, Love Tears & Autism, placing third. Her first novel was a runner up in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in 2014, she has been shortlisted in the CALEB Awards, and in 2017 her novel Charlie Franks is A-OK was the CALEB Prize winner. Cecily lives in New South Wales with her husband and four children.

Service offered: As an editor, Cecily can see what your story is missing, or pinpoint areas you need to learn about or work on in your writing. She can assess story structure and advise on what additional work is needed for your manuscript. Her preferred genres are memoir, inspirational fiction, Middle Grade and YA and general fiction. She prefers not to see romance or fantasy.

Before the conference: You may send Cecily the first three chapters and a one-page synopsis of the whole work by the 12th October.

Iola Goulton

Iola Goulten

  • How many appointments: 9
  • How much she will be charging: $50 per 30 mins

Iola Goulton is a New Zealand reader, reviewer, writer, and freelance editor at Christian Editing Services (www.christianediting.co.nz), where she specialises in critiquing and editing Christian fiction. She is a member of the Sisterhood of Unpronounceable Names (Iola is pronounced yo-la, not eye-ola and definitely not Lola).
Iola holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in marketing, has a background in human resource consulting, works as a freelance editor, and has recently introduced the Kick-Start Your Author Platform email marketing course for authors wanting to establish their online platform.
When she’s not working, Iola is usually reading or writing her next book review. Iola lives in the beautiful Bay of Plenty in New Zealand (not far from Hobbiton) with her husband, two teenagers and one cat. She won the 2016 American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis Award (novella), and is currently working on her first novel.

Services offered:Iola offers offer consultations in two distinct areas: writing, and marketing.

A writing consultation appointment is an opportunity for new writers to get personal feedback on their work, and hints and suggestions on how you can improve your writing craft to publication standard, including identifying common problems, and recommending specific resources and next steps.

A marketing consultation can answer questions about building your author platform, blogging, social media, or email lists.

Before the conference: If you would like feedback on a manuscript in progress, please send Iola your first five pages plus a synopsis (of up to 1,000 words). If you would like Iola to review your current author platform and offer suggestions, you may forward your website and social media links to Iola. All links and material must be received by the 12th October.

Nola Passmore (The Write Flourish)

  • How many appointments: 5
  • How much will she be charging: $50 per 30 mins

Nola Passmore, and her husband Tim, operate a freelance writing and editing business called The Write Flourish. You can find her occasional writing-tips blog on their website (http://www.thewriteflourish.com.au). She has qualifications in creative writing, Christian ministry and psychology; and specialises in adult and young-adult fiction, creative nonfiction, devotional material and poetry. She has had more than 150 short pieces published in various anthologies, journals and magazines in Australia and overseas. Her debut novel will be published by Breath of Fresh Air Press in 2019.

Services Offered: At the Omega conference, Nola will be offering copyediting (i.e. helping to make your prose the best it can be) and general advice regarding your manuscript as a whole (e.g. how to organise it and shape it into a publishable project). This advice will help put you on the right track before seeking publication.

Before the conference: To maximise your appointment with Nola please forward the following: For fiction – please forward a one-paragraph summary of your plot and up to five double-spaced pages of your manuscript. For nonfiction works, including devotions, please forward the contents list or a one-paragraph summary of the book, plus up to five double-spaced pages of your manuscript. For poetry, please submit up to 120 lines. Poems can be single-spaced. Please submit your work by the 12th October.

Ben Morton (Stone Table Books and Immortalise)

Ben Morton

  • How many appointments: 9 (may be available for more if there is a high demand)
  • How much he will be charging: $50 per 30 mins

Ben Morton is an editor, author and illustrator for Stone Table Books and a tertiary lecturer in Creative Writing, as well as running an assisted publication service for authors under the name of Immortalise.

Stone Table publishes speculative fiction by primarily Christian authors for the general market.

Immortalise assists writers to navigate the modern self-publishing arena and become published authors, offering low-cost services in editing, typesetting and formatting for print, design, illustration and publication without excessive financial outlay.

Service offered: Ben will be able to give editorial advice and also help you to navigate the pros and cons of the various publication options that exist between self-publishing, crowdfunding, traditional publishing and assisted publication.

: Please forward Ben your first three pages and a short plot summary.

Mark Worthing (Stone Table Books & Morning Star)

Mark Worthing

  • How many appointments: 9 (may be available for more if there is a high demand)
  • How much he will be charging: $50 per 30 mins

Dr Mark Worthing is Senior Editor of Stone Table Books and an advising editor for Morning Star Publishing. He is also the author of a number of books, including Phantastes and Narnia Middle Earth and the Kingdom of God.

Morning Star publishes primarily non-fiction for the Christian market while Stone Table publishes speculative fiction by primarily Christian authors for the general market.

Service offered: Mark will be able to give editorial advice on your work in progress and will be available for you to give a pitch of your book.

Before the conference: Please forward Mark your first three pages and a short plot summary.

Michael Bollen (Wakefield Press)

  • How many appointments: 11
  • How much he will be charging: $50 per 30 mins

Michael Bollen is publisher and managing director at Wakefield Press, an independent book publishing firm based in Adelaide. Wakefield publishes around 35 new titles each year, across a range of genres, and is continually reprinting and reissuing backlist titles. Michael has worked with Wakefield Press for thirty years, and is well-experienced in editing, production, financing and marketing of books of many kinds. He believes books need always to be regarded as precious and rare.
Wakefield Press has a strong nonfiction list, including many ‘true stories’ (history and biography mainly). They also publish fiction including award-winning books and authors, and seeking to accelerate their Young Adult list. We also publish in art areas, and do a lot of work with museums and galleries.

Service offered: Authors can seek advice on a variety of manuscripts in progress, including non-fiction, biography, history, YA fiction and art books. Advice offered will include editorial suggestions and pitching is also welcome.

Before the conference:First three pages and no-more-than-one-page synopsis sounds good. Plus a statement of ‘Why this book?’ to give a sense of the writer’s purpose with it. Also a paragraph on the author.

Rowena Beresford

  • How many appointments: 12
  • Standard price applies for all appointments, except those discussing young adult manuscripts, for which the rate will be $65 per 30 minutes.

Rowena Beresford is the Acquisitions Editor for Yellow Brick Books, who publish quirky, fun and entertaining stories for children. She has more than 15 years experience in educational publishing, and is the founder and editor of The Book Curator magazine, the go-to resource for school librarians.

Service offered: Rowena’s greatest area of interest is picture books. She can help you with clear direction on what works, what doesn’t, and what steps to take to get your manuscript publication ready.
For fiction books ranging from early reader through to young adult, Rowena offers feedback on the style and quality of writing, type of editing required, suitability for the educational market, and comparisons with titles in publication.

Before the conference:For chapter books (fiction for early readers through to young adult) please provide a synopsis and the first chapter via email by the 12th October. For picture books, manuscripts can be provided by email prior to the conference, or handed over at the beginning of your appointment.


  • How many appointments: open all day for drop in and chat, 8 30 min appointments also available
  • How much will they be charging?: free appointments

Tabor’s Creative Writing program has been equipping new and established writers with the skills for publishing success now for over ten years. Studying creative writing, whether informally or as part of a degree, is a great way to develop your skills, connect with other writers, build a portfolio of written work and to learn from experienced, published writers about how best to craft your story and find an audience. We’re also proud to offer all our subjects for study on campus here in Adelaide, or externally online.

Service offered: Swing by The Hub and meet staff and students from Tabor’s Creative Writing Program. On hand will be Dr James Cooper (Head of Creative Writing at Tabor), plus several current and former students of the program, happy to chat about how Tabor can help you along the road to fulfilling your writing dreams. Appointments can be booked if you’d like more detailed information, or specific input into a writing work in progress.

Before the conference:as the appointments with Tabor are free of charge, no material is required prior to the conference.

Liz Chapman (Elephant House Press)

  • How many appointments:
  • How much will they be charging?: $50 for 30 mins

Elizabeth Chapman has studied Creative Writing at Tabor for the last four years. The first two books of her Shamira Trilogy were published by Ark House Press and her novel Miss Adelaide is currently under consideration at Wakefield Press. Liz recently ventured to establish a new independent publishing company, Elephant House Press, which will be officially launched – together with several of their first new titles – on 31st August, 2018. Elephant House Press offers traditional publishing contracts for release dates in 2019/2020. As a new small business, we are aiming to work in advance and release a book a month – God willing.

Service offered: Liz can provide a detailed appraisal of your writing project in terms of publishing potential, market opportunities, writing style and plot development. She is actively seeking manuscripts in the following genre and will welcom relevant pitches: fiction including fantasy, romance, science fiction, historical fiction, crime/suspense, and Christian fiction. Also young adult and children’s books.

Before the conference: We’d ideally like a synopsis (300 words or less) and the first three chapters of a manuscript.

Simon Malcolm (Simon Malcolm Productions)

  • How many appointments: 16
  • How much will they be charging?: $50 for 30 mins

Simon Malcolm has 13 years experience in helping his clients achieve their marketing and messaging aims through corporate video production. In addition to that he spends time in discussion with people regarding innovative ideas for their business development, social media outreach and ways to move forward from where they are to where they want to go.

Service offered: The service Simon is offering is one of ideas and guidance. A good honest discussion about your goals and dreams will lead to practical suggestions of ways to move forward in marketing/promotion to support your writing goals will be the end result of your appointment.

Before the conference: Please forward relevant links to any current marketing material you are using, plus a paragraph describing the outcomes the you are hoping to achieve.

Rachel Sweasy (editor at Rhiza Connect)

  • How many appointments: 15
  • How much will they be charging?: $50 for 20 mins

Rachel Sweasey joined the Rhiza Press team as an editor in 2015. She is a Griffith University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Composition. With a passion for stories and a dream to work in the world of words, Rachel is excited about being part of a team that brings into being books that encourage relational connection and growth. At Rhiza Connect her main focus is adult fiction and adult faith-based fiction. Rhiza Connect also publishes YA Christian fiction. Rachel also works closely with Rochelle Manners and Emily Lighezzolo at Wombat Books (picture books, early readers and middle fiction) and Rhiza Edge (Contemporary YA)

Service offered: Rachel is happy to consider and discuss manuscripts in any of the genres published by Rhiza Press. If material is provided ahead of time, she will share that content with the Rhiza team prior to conference and will bring back to you the feedback and suggestions received. Rachel is also happy to consider manuscript pitches and answer editorial questions.

Before the conference: For Picture books, delegates can provide 2 x books. For full length novels – Adult, YA, Faith-based or contemporary – just 15 pages of one MS. Please send this material to Rachel at least 4 weeks prior to conference if you would like the Rhiza team to consider and provide feedback for discussion during your appointment. Material received after this time will not be given close consideration.

Rochelle Manners (Wombat Books)

  • How many appointments: 20 x 5 min pitches
  • How much will they be charging?: Free 5 min pitch sessions

Rochelle Manners is the Director of Rhiza Press and Wombat Books. She is a trained teacher, counsellor and has a Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing. Rochelle has also been an author in the educational market, and enjoys writing for a change to publishing.

Having worked in traditional publishing, editing, distribution and working with self-published authors, Rochelle has experience from all angles. She enjoys seeing the book production right from publishing to selling and she is also a co-owner of the independent book shop, The Mad Hatters Bookshop in Manly, QLD.

Service offered: If you have a manuscript that you think would match the Wombat or Rhiza lists, Rochelle will be offering free 5 minute pitching sessions. There will be minimal or no editorial input given, only the opportunity to see whether Wombat/Rhiza is interested in considering the manuscript you are pitching.

Before the conference: no material required prior to conference.

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